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Welcome to the LGWCC Website!

We hope you find the web site helpful seeking information on the fight of noxious weeds in Lake Gaston. If the information you are looking for is not available then contact the director in your county on the directors page.

The primary function of the Lake Gaston Weed Control Council is to establish policies and procedures focused on promoting research, control, and /or eradication of undesirable aquatic weeds within Lake Gaston and to improve the quality of the water related to pollution control in and around Lake Gaston.

2022 Interactive Lyngbya Treatment Sites Map

The interactive lyngbya treatment sites map has been updated for 2022. Here is a link to it.

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Our Mission Statement

To promote research, control or eradicate undesirable aquatic weeds, improve the quality of water and control pollution in and around Lake Gaston. This mission will be accomplished by serving as an advisory council and making recommendations to the Board of County Commissioners in North Carolina and the Board of Supervisors in Virginia and by making recommendations to all local, state, and federal agencies concerned with quality of human life, water, pollution, recreation, wildlife, fish and fishing conditions, in and around Lake Gaston.


Water Levels on Lake Gaston

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Grass Carp

It is "illegal" to take by any method Grass Carp from Lake Gaston in both Virginia and North Carolina. It is also "illegal" to be in possession of Grass Carp on Lake Gaston in both Virginia and North Carolina.

Contact Info

Lake Gaston Weed Control Council
Jeff Zimmer
110 Crosswinds Circle
Macon, NC

Phone: Wally Sayko: (434) 636-5393

Report Issues with Aquatic Plants on Lake Gaston

To report aquatic plant issues on Lake Gaston, please fill in the following form:

NCSU Lake Gaston Extension Agent

Upcoming Events

Lake Gaston Weed Control Council Meeting via "Zoom" Only

  • March 2, 2023, at 6:30PM
  • If you want to attend contact Wally Sayko via email:


Habitat Enhancement 2022

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Lyngbya Treatment Schedule for July-September 2022

  • July 19-22
  • August 16-19
  • September 13-16

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LGWCC Organization Structure

Our Organization

Our Board of Directors is made up of representatives of the five (5) counties of Virginia and North Carolina surrounding the waters of Lake Gaston. VA counties include Brunswick & Mecklenburg - NC counties include Halifax, Northampton, & Warren.

Our Board of Directors...
Weed Control on Lake Gaston

Weed Control

The overall goal of Aquatic Plant Management on Lake Gaston is to develop & maintain a healthy lake ecosystem based on a diverse plant community dominated by native species. A Technical Advisory Group & our Stakeholders take part in the planning process.

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LGWCC works with many organizations in order to come up with plans for weed control on Lake Gaston. The Technical Advisory Group, our Stakeholders, Lake Gaston Association and PLM Lake & Land Management Corporation are all key players.

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