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Resource Organizations for Weed Control on Lake Gaston

LGWCC works with many organizations in order to come up with plans for weed control on Lake Gaston. The Technical Advisory Group (TAG), the Pete Deschenes Stakeholders Board, Lake Gaston Association, PLM Lake & Land Management Corporation, and North Carolina State University are among the key players.

The resource links provided on this website are meant to provide valuable information for those interested in learning more about controlling weeds that continue to be a problem in lake environments.

Contact Info

Lake Gaston Weed Control Council
Jeff Zimmer
Treasurer of LGWCC

Phone: Wally Sayko: (434) 774-0715

Technical Advisory Group (TAG)

The TAG is comprised of roughly 10 experts in the area of fish habitat and the management & control of nuisance weeds. Yes, for an impoundment like Lake Gaston to become or remain a healthy fishery, there is a need for aquatic vegetation. This Team is tasked with the responsibility of understanding the current Lake environment and using all control tools available to recommend management options focused on an eco-solution. This plan will be presented to the Weed Control Council for implementation.

Who is involved? NC Wildlife, VA Wildlife, Mississippi State University, Dominion, NC Department of Environment and Natural Resources, NC State University , Va. Tech, Roanoke River Basin Association, NC Bass Federation, LG Water Safety Committee, Commercial Applicators, Chemical Industry, and others.

TAG Minutes

Pete Deschenes Stakeholders Board

Twenty-one organizations are represented on the Pete Deschenes Stakeholders Board. There are about 45 individuals representing these groups. Locally, there are 13 groups / organizations that are participating. There are also 8-state, federal and university organizations involved.

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Lake Gaston Association (LGA)

The LGA is a citizens' organization that actively advocates and promotes the interests of property owners in the two states (NC & VA) and five counties of Lake Gaston. Each of the five counties surrounding Lake Gaston has four volunteer Director positions on the LGA Board, plus one at large position for a total of 25 Directors. The LGA is a volunteer, non-profit, nonpartisan and nonsectarian organization, unified for greater influence with our federal, state and local officials and agencies that have management authority on and around Lake Gaston NC & VA.

Visit LGA Website

PLM Lake & Land Management Corporation

PLM Lake & Land Management Corp. is one of the largest aquatic herbicide and algaecide application companies in the United States. They are heavily involved with the LGWCC with planning and treating nuisance weeds on Lake Gaston.

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NCSU Aquatic Plant Management

The Aquatic Weed Management Program at NCSU offers basic information to County Extension Personnel and others interested in management of vegetation in ponds, lakes, and streams.

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Aquatix LLC
Phone: (252) 676-1851 or (252) 538-2782
Jim Tillery
Email: or